Posted by: The Swiss Frau | April 3, 2015

The April Fools Chicken

Playing  jokes on April Fools Day is sometimes fun, but I usually forget to play any.  My youngest daughter fed the new baby goat and I had her believing she had to burp the kid. Other than that I was too busy.  In the evening it was so lovely out and it gets dark so much later now that I didn’t get the chickens in and count them before the sun went down. After milking I went to the coop and shut the door and started counting hens. No matter how many times I counted it was only 23 and should have been 24. So, I went back to the house and got a head lamp and started hunting for the lost hen. We have only had a predator get a chicken once and that was a hawk in daylight. Other than that they have a good safe environment. After a long hunt in all the buildings and surrounding areas I gave it up for the night.

In the morning I got up early and was determined to be out by the coop when the sun came up to see if she was outside and had just not made it back before dark the night before. No hen. So, I did the same hunt again I had done the night before. Finally I gave it up. Dan was leaving for work and he prayed out loud, “Lord help Jenni find her hen.”  Then I went out to do the goose and chicken chores. Each day they get a 5 gallon bucket of water and I grabbed one of two buckets side by side in the chicken yard. One was upright and one was upside down. I grabbed the upside down bucket and there sitting on an egg under the bucket was my hen. She was no worse for the night trapped under a bucket. I had walked past her so many times looking for her and at one point had heard scratching. She must have been standing on the rim of the bucket and it flipped over on her. So that was a good way to start the day after April Fools Day and it only got better. Later that afternoon about 2:00 my pretty little doe Bethi delivered twin white kids, a girl and a boy. They are named Heidi Beth and Hansi. They joined a half brother Hugo. It was a fun day.

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