Posted by: The Swiss Frau | March 25, 2020


Hello everyone, well, change is what seems to be happening hourly these days. All of the events where we sell of course are canceled. We must rely on the mail now. We don’t know as yet about summer markets. Soap is crucial for fighting the virus. We will gladly mail out orders. To do business this way just give me a call and I can process your credit card through our Square App and mail your orders that day. Our inventory is quite good. We are not having customers come the the farm for purchasing products at this point.

There is great comfort in nature and the farm animals. Everything in their world is normal and life goes on as usual. We did not breed last fall so there are no baby goats this year. This is a good thing because there is a great deal of work involved caring for them and I am temporarily without my farm assistant.

Take care everyone and keep well. Jenni

2/24/23 Update: of course most of the restrictions have been lifted. Things have relaxed and farm pick up is possible.

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