Posted by: The Swiss Frau | January 16, 2021


Its winter and even though it hasn’t been very cold it was time to take the bells off of the goats. So, one very cold day when the bells were nearly too cold to touch I thought it was time. Each bell was removed and labeled with the name of the goat. I learned from experience to get the right bells back on the right goats. The amazing thing is they know each other by the sound of their bells. Once I put a bell on a young goat that had once belonged to a bully and she immediately thought she was being chased by the bully. So about a minute later I put her baby bell back on and then she was happy.

The other reason I like to take the bells off in the winter is because they spend more time indoors. It can be very noisy. There is nothing lovelier than the sound of bells in the pasture though. The time the noise is a bit nerve wracking is when it is kidding time and I am a bit sensitive to dogs barking and bells ringing. Quiet is much appreciated when you are listening day and night to a baby monitor so you don’t miss a goat in labor. Winter can be lovely, quiet and a time to do some carving and get rested up for the busy seasons to come.


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