Wood Carvings


buckling 401

IMGP3655IMGP3647new label 122

new label 128When it is not haying time or kidding season I used to take as many carving jobs as I could fit in around the farm work. I carved working dogs and livestock for awards for herding competitions, Border Collie Nationals, Australian Cattle Dog Nationals, as well as portraits of herding dogs. Alas, the soap business has made the carving business almost impossible. Now I carve gifts for family or just for my own hobby time.

First picture:carving of a dog and steer which were portraits for a customer in Denmark. Her dog, her steer.

Second picture: Wagons and mules carved for the National Park Service in Texas as game pieces for a land race game for a museum.

Third picture: detail of first carving of the Denmark dog.

Fourth picture:Unfinished carving of Drywood’s Johnny Be Good. Johnny is my Indigo’s sire from South Dakota.

Fifth picture: A little Toggenburg I carved for my sister’s birthday

Sixth and Seventh pictures: A German Shepherd portrait for a customer and a detail.

Eighth and Ninth pictures: Bonnie who belongs to a dear friend in California and a detail of Bonnie.


  1. What lov er ly work you do, Jenni! You are so good at everything you do.

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