Posted by: The Swiss Frau | January 8, 2014

A Time of Rest

Hello to those of you who follow my blogspot. Many of you are new as I have gotten a lot of notices lately.

This is very deep winter, time for hibernation and that is what I am trying to do. On January 3rd I had robotic open heart mitral valve repair at Mayo Hospital St. Mary’s in Rochester MN.  Before the surgery I had the usual flurry of activity trying to do all the things I needed to do before I was unable to do them anymore. I built an 8 foot hay feeder, rebuilt a pen, moved goats around for the easiest and safest care possible. I trimmed all the buck’s hooves, wormed them and trimmed all the dry goat’s hooves. Took the milking vacuum pump apart and cleaned it for maximum vacuum and efficiency. Re-did  a walk in closet and organized all my clothes and rebuilt the closet. Cleaned the house and made new pajamas. Bought a bathrobe, slippers and other necessary garments appropriate to recovery. Then there was help to organize for the animals. Made lists, and more lists. My children all played a huge role in this. My youngest daughter, 24, took over the house, laundry, cooking, and dogs. My middle child 28, took over the bucks, geese, chickens and feeding and watering the milking goats. My oldest daughter, a professor of English  by trade took over the milking and the dairy as well as chickens and geese and bucks while her brother is at work. On top of that the Lord provided an incredible experienced herd manager to work for the next 6 weeks or so to continue milking and caring for all the animals. I do not and am not supposed to go to the barn for a while. You can imagine how hard that is for me. I have yet to lay eyes on a goat since I arrived home last night. I am learning to trust people and God with my farm.

The good news is that my heart has been 100% restored to proper function. Not even a drop leaks from the valve and I am recovering just fine. I have cardiac rehab yet and a lot of other hoops to jump through but it will pass.

Those of you who have needed soap you can always call or email and Dan can take it to the post office for you or you can come to the farmer’ market in Oconomowoc this Sunday and again in two weeks. The market is at Oconomowoc Landscape Supply on the corner of Hwy. K and Hwy. 67 N. It runs from 9:30 til 1pm. we have a good inventory left, only a few items are sold out for this season and will be replenished as soon as I can make soap again. I over did it making soap knowing I would not be making soap in January much.

Hope all of you stay safe and warm. Those of you who knew and prayed, thank you so much. Jenni


  1. I’m so glad everything went well 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you back at the Farmers Market and talking with you again. Rest up!!

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