Posted by: The Swiss Frau | July 16, 2013

Summer on the farm

Things are moving right along here on our little farm. We have a new steel roof on the barn. Bender Builders our of Beaver Dam came and straightened the barn. With that and the new roof the Amish put on the barn should last another 100 years. Bender Builders thought it was built in the 1880’s because of the hand hewn beams.

Also this summer we purchased a used skid loader which makes work easier. We have been using hand carts to haul manure from the beginning and now it is a thing of the past. Also we bought a manure spreader for 30.00 from a friend. We now can take care of our farm’s manure without neighbors hauling it for us.

Farmer’s markets are going very well. We have added some new products which keep me busy producing and packaging.

Another wonderful development is that next year our milk will be purchased to feed fawns at several deer farms. This is a good excuse to breed a few more goats than I would have otherwise.

We have a new Pilgrim gosling. Several hatched but the female is the only one to survive. (Pilgrim geese are a rare and valuable, endangered domestic breed of geese)  She developed angel wing. This is a condition where one or both wings turn out instead of tucking up on the back under the feathers . The young goose looked like a fighter jet with both wings turning out and back. I saw a video on how to splint the wings properly and after 4 days of being taped up the splints were taken off and she was completely normal. This is especially nice as I intended to keep her with the other females and now she won’t be deformed. Not much that one can’t learn on the internet.

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